SICS.AI’s AGI Journey in Silicon Valley

The innovative Swedish software company SICS.AI is leading the development from todays AI to AGI with a goal of delivering full AGI within 18 – 24 months. SICS.AI has developed an AI technology that controls industrial robots with unprecedented performance and agility. This is achieved by controlling a precision-optimized robot arm from Cognibotics, in a less structured environment, marking a new era in industrial automation.

They believe achieving AGI acceleration necessitates a critical mass of resources like teams, computational power, industry connections, and funding, all of which can be found in Silicon Valley. Moreover, its ecosystem fosters collaboration between universities, investors, and tech companies, enabling access to diverse perspectives and extensive problem-solving tools.

"...We have accomplished more in three weeks in Silicon Valley than the past two years in Sweden thanks to all the intensity of highly relevant people in combination with warm introductions from SwenodeAI."

Karim Nouira, founder of SICS.AI

Thanks to SwenodeAI, and the Swenode AI Connect program, the company was chosen as one of 20 startups to participate in the event Bifrost Summit in Palo Alto which kick-started their Silicon Valley establishment. They’ve begun their establishment in Silicon Valley with a series of activities and meetings organised by SwenodeAI and Nordic Innovation House and the Bifrost Summit Team. SICS.AI are now members of Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley, which gives them access to an office in Palo Alto, where their team can work and hold meetings with investors and partners. This space also facilitates networking with other companies, enabling them to swiftly integrate into the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Karim Nouira, the founder of SICS.AI, says that almost every meeting has led to a further dialog and that the visit in the Valley was over all expectations.

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